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in virginia still. very light so far. you will find work zone still active on northbound 95 between falmouth and frederick's. -- frederick. and on the beltway in virginia in both directions near route 7. those ramps should open momentarily. now let's go back to news. >> one man is dead and another wounded in a shooting in southeast washington. it happened before midnight in the 5000 block of h street. we don't know what led to the shooting or if police have a suspect. investigators and community members will come together tonight to search for answers in two unsolved murders in prince george's county. police will hand out flyers seeking information about amber stanley's murder during a community walk in kettering. the 17-year-old high-school student was shot and killed in her bedroom on august 22. her killer is still almost. prince george's county police will hold a community meeting tonight to brief president on where things stand in the search for another teenager's killer. marckel ross was shot and killed on september 11 as he walked to central high school in capitol heights. investigator
virginia, parts of maryland, south of interstate 68, so mainly west virginia and the potomac. there will be a few more showers and storms this afternoon. it's going to be and humid day. is 75 degrees. now in degrees a few isolated downpours possible this afternoon and evening. 89 degrees today for the high temperature, partly cloudy today and the next few days with highs in the low 90's,. back to you. >> thank you. let's start with the beltway near university boulevard. no delays right now. one lane was getting by. there's a new traffic configuration in the long term work zone. it changed overnight. both sides of the beltway, the long term work zone is now three lanes to the right and one lane to the left on the inner loop at university boulevard and new hampshire. it's just a different pattern starting today. ongoing bbuild work continues. 95 and 395, hov lanes are open all the way from dumphries and to the 14th street bridge. no accidents or incidents. most of the road where it is out of the way. we did have an earlier accident on the inner loop at braddock road that's now
in maryland. 395 at glebe road in virginia looking good. no act of war zones northbound southbound, through the mixing bowl of. spots on the beltway in , still active. a couple of lines tied up, but traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a death investigation forcing authorities to remove several a bethesda home. one of the dogs is dead. drive.s on corsica they found a woman dead inside around midnight as well as the dog. removed the seven living dogs out of the house. the cause of death of the woman. inar-old has been shot n the 200 washington i block of 37 st.. teenager was conscious when arrived.s no word on any suspects. >> in culpeper, the husband of by policeot to death year was found dead. was found dead yesterday. patricia died six months ago in a confrontation with a police officer. autria godfrey reports from culpeper. >> i still have a lot of questions i would like to find out what's going on. gary cook spoke with us in february, dumfounded after discovering his wife had died a disturbing altercation with an officer. >> she was not armed. >> is search for truth was
on saturday knocking out power to people in100,000 washington, virginia, and maryland. about 500 this morning. this was after sunday filled up across the area. it was a scramble to save perishable foods. >> it went out about -- i went out this morning and got six of ice and packed our freezer and took a lot of the of the refrigerator and put it into a cooler. the freezer,mes to half-full freezer can go 24 hours without power if. it's full, 48 hours before >> new york cleaning up after a includingther tornados in queens and brooklyn. trees and power lines brought despite the damage, no serious reported. taking a look at the day ahead, county polices will update the public on the killed ar who kettering teenager. amber stanley was shot to death bedroom two and a ago.weeks police don't believe the random. was totally tonight's community meeting is at 7:00 p.m. at the kettering community center in upper marlboro. hurt ineople seriously annapolis in a shooting that a gas leak scare. the shots rang out before midnight on that forever is a street near frederick douglass. . shot
over the northwest bridge. in virginia not too bad in springfield on the beltway to 66. you will need to stay to the left until that is clear. >> now we move on to our top story. relief for nfl coaches players and the fans. a tentative agreement has been reached to end a lockout that began in june. >> the regular referee is will work tonight between the baltimore ravens and the browns. >> the deal is done. >> regular nfl officials returned to work tonight after a tentative agreement to end of the lockout that began in june. the officials in union still needs to approve the deal, but the commissioner lifted the lockout so the referees can call tonight's game in baltimore. in a statement the commissioner said -- this is shocking finished to monday oppose the game might have been the breaking point. -- shocking finish to monday's game might have been the breaking point. they called what looked like an interception a touchdown. >> beyond you and i and the sports world, this went to the today show, good morning america. >> it brought a renewed sense of urgency to strike a deal. this mornin
. thisll be in virginia continue towill about the fight for the commonwealth as we move forward. quite a convention last night culminating with the president's speech. >> an emotional moment during e final night of the convention when former arizona giffordsoman gabrielle allegiance.dge of she got a standing ovation stage. on the some spectators had tears in eyes when she sang. she resigned from congress this year to focus on her recovery from a gunshot the head. >> the republican ticket will be busy on the campaign trail. will make stops in iowa and new hampshire. ryan will visit nevada. ann romney will campaign in at aun county this morning leesburg.ent in she is an avid equestrian. loudoun county is considered a county in the swing states of virginia. ben bernanke among those taking record low mortgage rates. >> all eyes on the monthly jobs report from the labor department. here is linda bell at bloomberg in new york. >> on the heels of yesterday's huge rally, stock-index futures indicating a higher open. today is the all-important jobs day on wall street. economists forecast the re
.c. and one in virginia. >> turning to the presidential republican nominee mitt be in colorado today. he spent much of last week dealing with controversial about taxpayers during the may fund-raiser. new polls show president obama pulling away in some key states including florida, ohio, and virginia. >> when the american people are asked of the basic question, these candidates do you better prepared to move forward in the next years? they say it president obama. >> i think it's going to be about your bank account and not account. bank about your job, whether you have or you are afraid of losing it. >> the president will be in new york today for the start of the assembly. >> we have to recall to tell you about from trader joe's. >> the apple iphone dust has not settled. it's becoming more elusive. let's get more from linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. >> i don't know if you had a finding no iphone on weekends. you are not alone. the wall street journal says retailers including best buy may received 10 of them friday's big launch. however, apple stores or able to the device in large numbers.
facebook and twitter pages. >> battleground virginia -- both campaigns are trying to bring out the big guns for the state's 13 electoral votes. mitt romney will start with an 11:30 rally in fairfax. that is where scott thuman will be. first lady michelle obama will host a rally at the university of mary washington at 5:00. we will be there. it is also in states all the time. the president will be in colorado today at 1:00. vice president joe biden will be at the university of wisconsin at eau claire. mitt romney will -- ann romney will tour a cancer center in fort myers. paul ryan has no scheduled events. >> leaders are attending a public memorial for neil armstrong at the national cathedral. the first man to walk on the moon. he died last month of complications from heart surgery. he was 82 years old. his family say he will be buried at sea. we will carry that service live, starting at 10:00 a.m.. >> a prince william daycare showed -- shut down after they made disturbing discoveries including children strapped to car seats. >> i assumed it was a family business. >> residence in the picture
, approaching the shenandoah valley. parts of west virginia. 79 in washington, 73 in leesburg. manassas, 73. partly cloudy, hot and humid today. highs in the lower 90's. chance of showers later today. on saturday, it looks like you have a rain of -- round of rain in the afternoon and cooling behind that. sunday and monday, heights in the upper 70's. >> no accents to support -- reports so far. overnight construction still in effect. we are down to one lane on the outer loop of the beltway between the toll road and georgetown pike. if you are traveling in the southbound direction on 395 to the beltway, they are blocking the left lane. bigger troubles in maryland. we are getting by with one line on the inner and outer loop at kenilworth avenue. after work -- outer loop work starts in college park. reduced to two lanes, then only one in its fight to the left at the new hampshire ave make your way to new -- university boulevard. >> good morning. thanks so much. new this morning -- turkish soldiers say an explosion has killed 25 soldiers. the soldiers were found after firefighters put out the fla
that new traffic pat western one lane to the left. if you're traveling in virginia now, no report of troubles for the most part, especially for folks making the drive on i-395. seminary a very nice ride north and southbound as you drive between 14th street bridge and springfield. >> four people now arrested in connection with the deadly attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. the attack killed four americans, one an ambassador. >> the department of homeland security warned things could still get worse. >> two u.s. diplomats and two state department securities were killed in the four home run houf siege on the consulate in benghazi tuesday. it was in protest of a movie that ridiculed islam and its prophet muhammad. it was one of several protests across the region. some say they used the protests as a diversion. the protests have grown with people taking to the streets in about a dozen nations. in iraq, hundreds of people marched in baghdad thursday chanting america is the enemy of the people. egypt says at least 13 civilians and six police officers
caused plenty of in the district and virginia. a tree fell on to power lines in northwest d.c., sparking a fire. heavy rains flooded roads in creating a.c., traffic mess at rush hour. one tree fell onto a home in arlington. nobody injured. .> it was shaking it could've been worse. >> the situation was even worse mclean, where a woman died control, oflost burst into flames. soweto is blamed for crash involving a police cruiser last in herndon. -- >> wet roads blamed for a .rash the nationals will play a double .eader now you can exchange your ticket for lesser value for today's match up. first game at 4:00 and the second at 7:00. speaking of baseball, the orioles came just finished at morning. 18 innings. win.rioles >> unbelievable. >> now to jacqui jeras with the weather. >> still some lingering showers out there. looking at live super doppler a, sprinklese a couple mary' and st. flood warnings in frederick and carroll. .t's a little cloudy we did have some damage, as you video.the you can ceiling during clouds. skies will be clearing throughout the day. but sunshine by this afternoo
. >> following several big stories including a look ahead to obama's visit to northern virginia. a local man has had a clintversial twist on eastwood chair. >> and the iphone 5 being released today. years.ited 34 this is better than anything. >> an emotional night for the die-hard national fans. back to the playoffs for the t time since 1943. exciting. good morning, everybody. happy friday. is september 21. i am pamela brown. >> i am kendis gibson. now to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> its corn to be the best day outside and enjoy the outdoors. will be a little 80 this afternoon. changes for the weekend. showers and a thunderstorm is expected on saturday. some could be severe. then another big cooldown in the forecast. temperatures right now, 61 in d.c., 56 at dulles. mostly sunny and 65 at 9:00, 72 noon, 79 at 5:00. let's check on traffic. in falmouth, representative and up construction. across the 14th street bridge. construction still in place in .he district pennsylvania avenue over the been shut downs because of the a paving project. last place295, your inbound 11ths street bridge. in the t
accused of killing a catholic university student. >> anncr: this casisino's in west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting forng question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. eating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official partment of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. >> welcome back on this tuesday. >> let's say good morning to adam caskey once again. chilly outside again. >> i could use that term -- chilly. here are some of the cold is numbers. 43 degrees at frostburg state university 44 in wiisp at wisp. low humidity is allowing the temperatures to drop so much at night. 50 in a fairfax, 50 in waldorf, 49 in leesburg. in sterling, 46 degrees. much cooler numbers to kickstart this tuesday morning and yesterday at this time. we will climb quickly through the '60s this morning to 7
on the beltway. we are looking at a nice ride in virginia and maryland. on i-95 early this morning no reported trouble for you. all lanes are open. h.o.v. lanes are open northbound from dumfries to the beltway and continuing on 395 h.o.v. remains northbound. no overnight construction. a look at 495 and american ledge bridge. inner and outer loop travel moving well. no distractions to report for the start of the monday morning drive. >> 4:35 right now and a car filled with explosives ran into a vehicle from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. there are conflicting reports whether any americans were killed in the suicide attack. a state department spokesman said two u.s. personnel and two pakistani employees were in the vehicle and wounded but no consulate employees were killed. >> the body of a local navy seal will be brought back to anne arundel county. he died when his chopper went down in a fire fight. his body will leave dover air force base this morning and will come from route 50 to route 2 between 9:30 and 10 this morning then arrive in edgewater. residents are encouraged to
. >> uneventful for the most part out there. are heading in from virginia, a live look at the 95.ngfield interchange on fredericksburg through falmouth, construction is gone. southbound at about 3 there is a leadinge that will be momentarily. beltway, from the inner to route 7, both ramps are closed and an overnight works on as well. be out of that will the way momentarily. back to you. >> thank you. 4:45, 53 degrees. >> another honor for the late investigators searching for shot a manwho park bank.akoma suspect -- the suspect mondayhed the victim night. then the suspect shot the victim and stole money from him. the victim is expected to survive. it's not clear what exactly led to the shooting. a national zoo official says the six-day old panda cub who sunday had abnormalities in its literary and flew in the abdomen. are awaiting test results, be back inxpected to about two weeks. not accidentally crushed to death by her mother. since the death, her mother mei started eating and started interacting with zookeeper's again. plants to turn county farmntgomery will takecer field today.ase to
. >> virginia railway express should be in a normal service. service was blocked last night after a suspicious package was found on the tracks near manassas. passengers were transferred to buses to make the rest of the journey home. commuters give them high marks for how they handle the situation. >> they let us know right away when they knew what was going on and made arrangements for bosses. >> what can i do? >> authorities say the package contained remains. it is not clear if there were human or animal remains. they are trying to figure out how the package ended up near the tracks in the first place. meantime, investors are searching for answers after a shooting in southeast d.c.. >> police say a man broke into the home in the 4200 block of first-rate and was shot by the homeowner. the suspect is critically wounded. no word of arrests or charges. security is wrapped up at coolidge high school after a student shot there yesterday. it happened a school was letting down. they say it was a dispute between two students. injuries are not less -- not life-threatening and the shooting is called an
and then to newport news virginia. tomorrow morning he will speak at a factory in danville. he has made several stops in virginia. >> president obama and the vice president hitting the campaign trail. rapper jay-z and his wife will host a fund-raiser for the president in new york today. tonight the president will appear on the late show with david letterman. vice president biden will campaign in iowa. the president will still visit prince william county on friday. he will be in woodbrige and not manassas. stay with abc 7 for full coverage of the presidential election. for instance updates, go to our web site as well as facebook and twitter. >> the retrial of a local veteran charged with murdering his roommate. michael mcqueen was found shot to death in his apartment in gaithersburg in 2006. his roommate gary smith told police an intruder did it. smith later changed his story saying the man killed himself. he was convicted of murder in 2008, but it was overturned on a technicality. liberation's in the latest trial began. . >> around prince george's county, a man wanted in the shooting death
canceled event. he will speak before the u.s. chamber of commerce in angeles. virginia senator mark warner m kaine will hit the road of the commonwealth .oday beginning in norfolk both democrats will end the day with a kickoff and dale city and alexandria. tim kaine and george allen will televised first debate on thursday in mclean. >> big news from the national zoo. people have been g for this. the female giant panda gave to her baby panda bear last night. the cub.ave heard a coup it was her second as a result of artificial insemination. we will have more details in a live report coming up in our next hour. >> they only have a 10% chance of conceiving. apple has won another big case t samsung. >> lower manhattan already up to occupy wall street. now. bell >> a big day for the occupy wall street movement. it plans to commemorate its one- anniversary. e at 7:00 a.m. this near the new york stock exchange. nypd has already made dozens of arrests on the weekend. againstase technologyr patented with the international trade commission. this is apple's second u.s. month.ictory in a reorders for t
after both appeared in virginia. president obama will attend three campaign events in the district while mitt romney will visit pennsylvania and massachusetts. this comes on the heels of a memo that was distributed to surrogates. beth meyers outlines a series of reasons they think the president will emerge as the winner of the first debate. president obama is one of the most talented political communicators and modern history and this would be his eighth presidential debate while mitt romney's first. the campaign insists the debates will not decide the election. >> linda bell is live from bloomberg headquarters. >> after two weeks of flight delays for american airlines on-time arrivals are starting to improve. the carrier is threatening legal action against union pilots saying they are slowing down operations and hurting the bottom line. they have been going on since september 14. something to keep in mind if you fly united. uil will start replacing their outdated equipment beginning on monday. united suffered from multiple technical problems after a update in march. as we head into the
been committed and a police report has been filed. >> a virginia singer and songwriter has released a tune asking to roll back the tolls. >> it is called "highway robbery." >> ♪ highway robbery >> it didn't take long for these words to roll off angela petry's tongue. >> ♪ it's highway robbery ♪ >> she spoke with me about her protest song and why she thinks the dulles greenway is cheating us out of cash. >> it is really unfair that there is this major road that cuts right through the center of the county through the countrysidened that the local people have so much trouble and expense using it. >> it costs drives 34 cents per mile. it is that price tag the congressman that repts the 109 strict is also fighting. his frustration became the inspiration for petry's song. >> we just started messing warned the words and the song -- around with the words and the song sprang out of that. >> ♪ drive every day but we cry at night because the price of the toll is out of sight ♪ >> the dulles greenway is the only privately owned toll road in the que
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